Commercial Services Request Form

Vendor Reservation Form
Hayward Campus

Concord Campus

Please make checks payable to CSUEB Foundation Inc.

California State University, East Bay
Attn: Mark Almeida
1901 Harder Rd
Hayward, CA 94542

The Vendor will:

  • Provide clear pricing quotes or outlines in advance
  • Remove any vehicles, carts, and cartons from display area within 30 minutes of setup
  • Conduct business in a professional manner with respect to the campus community
  • Refrain from loud noise, music, offensive language, and other disruptions to the academic venue
  • Provide written credit responsibility counseling to each customer if offering credit cards/financial services
  • Post clear refund policies with contact phone numbers, if selling merchandise
  • Provide proof of all applicable permits required by city or county (fire, health, etc.)
  • Provide proof of liability insurance (see attached specification sheet)
  • Provide itemized receipts to all purchasers

Note: Must check this box to place reservation.

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